• utensil holder from ezme designs

    Utensil Holder

    From a previous posting, you may remember I have issues doing custom orders as they take me FOREVER to do.  I usually only do them for family because they understand C.S.T. (or Chanda Standard Time) which is a lateness/lagging that I am typically known for.  In fact, my Mom said the only time I have… READ MORE  

  • Vase by Rose Cabat

    What retirement plan?

    Imagine my delight seeing the oldest ceramics artist alive STILL WORKING at the age of 99!!!!!!  Happy Birthday, Rose Cabat! (June 27th is her birthday)  Her beautiful pieces called “feelies” are below… Before I struck out as a ceramics artist, I always held jobs in state/county systems (mainly working in universities).  There you would meet… READ MORE  

  • Sukie

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    This is what my Mom got for Mother’s Day this year!  This is my kitty, Sukie and yes she is the majesty of our household.  I’m so pleased with the way this turned out I am thinking about making it into a print!  I would hang one of these in my house.  How about you??… READ MORE  

  • ezme designs new collage

    New Collage

    I have been using the same collage of my images for years and today realized I don’t even make some of those pieces anymore.  So, in all of my embarrassment, I created two new collages.  This one turned out to be my favorite.

  • ezme design's charlie teacup

    To the Motherland!

    Woo hoo!  I got my first International order from Etsy and the first lesson I learned is that I didn’t charge enough for shipping – D’oh!  But the most exciting bit is that it is my little cup named Charlie and he is moving to Australia — ie the motherland for me. I feel so… READ MORE  

  • Ezme in Stores!

    We’re so excited to announce that Ezme is now being carried in the Collector Art store on College Ave in Berkeley and also in a pop up shop in Oakland called Loakal (started by Loretta of the clothing line 5733 — does this girl EVER sleep??)  Check both stores out:  Collector and Loakal

  • The VERY big bowl

    I often get asked to do things I don’t normally do.  I have learned through many tears, disasters, exploding budgets, losing money etc. that I usually won’t do this professionally.  I can do commission work based off of designs and shapes that I already do but when someone asks me to make a custom coffee… READ MORE  

  • lunch in an ezme bowl

    Lunch in an Ezme Bowl

    We were at a show once and a friend had a bottle of wine and said “do you have cups to drink the wine out of” and I thought for WAY longer than I should have — why yes of course — I MAKE cups!  So, the other day I was working at the studio… READ MORE  

  • super kiln load!

    The Oh Happy Day!

    Alright, so since I got into writing blog posts, I feel like I have been using it as a diving board for my disasters in the ceramics world.  I won’t always be a complainer I promise.  I have had numerous misfortunes fall on me lately to be sure but this sadly is not unusual in… READ MORE  

  • S & M But Not the Dirty Kind

    Well not dirty in a deviant way but surely dirty in a clay way.  Every Ceramicist I know MUST be a sado masochist in the dirty clay way.  There are a million and one things that can go wrong every step of the way in the ceramics process.  Even tried and true ways never work… READ MORE