one of a kind

  • ACGA Fall Studio Sale is ON!

    The Association of Clay and Glass Artists are having a Fall Studio Sale on their online store right now and I have several pieces available for purchase.  The pieces are all experimental or one of a kind pieces that we are parting with at reduced rates.  Mine include some larger handbuilt pieces, pieces made in… READ MORE  

  • Will it leak?

    I used to watch Letterman all the time before we got rid of cable and started watching everything through Netflix, Amazon and the Apple TV.  He was always my king of late night comedy and one of his surrealistic skits he used to do was “Will it Float”?  Call me weird but I loved it and… READ MORE  

  • utensil holder from ezme designs

    Utensil Holder

    From a previous posting, you may remember I have issues doing custom orders as they take me FOREVER to do.  I usually only do them for family because they understand C.S.T. (or Chanda Standard Time) which is a lateness/lagging that I am typically known for.  In fact, my Mom said the only time I have… READ MORE