Solo Show at The Clayground in Winters

Jul 15 2017

I am so excited to be having a solo show in the gallery at The Clayground in Winters, CA.  Since I have been selling my production ware there for a while, I thought it would be interesting to host a show based off some of the experimental pieces I have playing around with in porcelain, speckled buff clay and red clay.

I’m calling the show. “Experimental Elemental” because I have always been interested in playing with themes relating to the elements.  My minimalistic drawings show off wind and water elements and the clay bodies of red and speckled buff show a new earthiness to my typical milieu.  Fire is inherent in the pieces since that is the only way to change clay into ceramic!

The Art opening will be August 5th from 6-8pm with food, wine and live music!  The Clayground, 7 E. Main Street, Studio 7B, Winters, CA