• Mirabelle and ezme's new fruit bowl

    Cat Bed or Fruit Bowl??

    Apparently my new fruit bowl can also be used as a cat bed!  Meet my new kitten Mirabelle.  My new fruit bowl will be for sale at the ACGA Show in Palo Alto July 12-13

  • The VERY big bowl

    I often get asked to do things I don’t normally do.  I have learned through many tears, disasters, exploding budgets, losing money etc. that I usually won’t do this professionally.  I can do commission work based off of designs and shapes that I already do but when someone asks me to make a custom coffee… READ MORE  

  • lunch in an ezme bowl

    Lunch in an Ezme Bowl

    We were at a show once and a friend had a bottle of wine and said “do you have cups to drink the wine out of” and I thought for WAY longer than I should have — why yes of course — I MAKE cups!  So, the other day I was working at the studio… READ MORE