The VERY big bowl

Jul 7 2012

I often get asked to do things I don’t normally do.  I have learned through many tears, disasters, exploding budgets, losing money etc. that I usually won’t do this professionally.  I can do commission work based off of designs and shapes that I already do but when someone asks me to make a custom coffee mug with volleyballs on it and a monogrammed name, I will say no (true story).

However, when my family asks me to do things, I always see it as a new challenge.  Sure, I do ceramics, I can do anything!  The great thing about family is that they know it can take a year or so for me to finally finish something as the paid gigs get first priority and again I am usually asked to do things I don’t normally do.  There is a lot of trial and error involved.  (Yes Mom, your house number tiles requested a year and a half ago are almost ready for the kiln!!)

This all leads me to the VERY big square bowl.  My Dad and Step-Mom asked for a square bowl to have by their sink that is about 7″ big.  And this is the monstrosity that occurred!  I don’t know the final measurements as it will shrink a lot when it is fired but notice it next to my can of soup (see my blog post about that!)  It’s back to the drawing board with this one but maybe, just maybe, if I can pull it off successfully, you can buy a square bowl from me too.  Get ready to wait about a year or so.

the VERY big bowl!