Happy New Year from ezme designs

Happy New Year!!!

Feb 8 2014

I’m so embarrassed!  I have been lagging on my blog this year and my only excuse is that this time of year, I tend to hibernate (a natural state I think for artists).  You get so exhausted after the holiday season that in January all you want to do is clean your filthy studio, clean your filthy house and re-focus your energies on new ideas, new pieces, new starts and maybe even new directions.

This year my January has been hiccuped by finishing up major orders and a big show moving from May to March so it’s re-stocking time again?!  I’ve been grouchy about this.  It’s so obnoxious of me to even slightly complain about needing to spend time filling orders.  I am so very grateful that anyone wants my work but I’m kicking like a toddler because darn it this time of year is my time *off*.  Time to play and clean (and I am weird but I love to clean).  I feel so drained most of the time, that it’s hard to be creative.

Anyway, this picture is of a new-ish design I have been kicking around and playing with.  It’s getting more minimalistic which is where I think I need my life to move toward.  So, in that is my New Year’s Resolution!  The Pursuit of Minimalism in my Life, Art and Brain.  Happy 2014!!!  xo