Things you never thought you might have to do as a Ceramics Artist Part 2

Sep 7 2013

In a previous post, you may recall that I was a woodworker.  Now I lay vinyl flooring!!  Not well mind you.  I don’t think anyone would hire me professionally as evidenced by the left hand side of the flooring slowly inching away from the wall, but it serves its purpose.  Future note to self.  Do not lay vinyl flooring in 82 degree weather on the second floor under a huge skylight.  I was soaked in sweat down to my skivvies!  YUCK!

Berkeley Potters Guild shared common space

This is in our shared common space at the Potters Guild.    The first picture is the before picture where you can see that hot beam of sun on the wooden floor.  The second picture shows the floor, kiln lid and the “band-aid” colored duct tape which ear-wormed me with that “stuck on band-aid” song. Did it to you too didn’t I??  Yeah yeah it doesn’t have to be pretty, it’s a working studio space…