Tons of scrap wood & a borrowed circular saw

Things you never thought you’d have to do to be a Ceramics Artist Part 1

Aug 22 2013

When you make the decision to love clay as a profession, you dayream that all you do all day is play in mud.  The harsh reality is that you feel like you never play in mud but are doing bookkeeping, marketing, shipping, selling at shows, schlepping pieces to shows, etc etc…

And then there are those things you thought weren’t part of the job description like using a circular saw to cut a bunch of wood to make mold boxes.  I took a wood working class once and made a really, really tall table that never stood on all four legs that finally after 12 years of living in our storage, I turned my head and told Chris to take it down to the streets with a free sign.  I can say I was highly pleased that someone snapped it up in 5 minutes; however, since then I normally stay away from sharp power tools and I can say it greatly pleases my friends and family who rightfully so, fear the combination of me plus sharp objects!

ceramics and wood

But look here!  I cut tons of scrap wood using a borrowed circular saw (Thanks Oakland Tool Lending Library!!!) with nary a scratch OR splinter!!!  And now I can make tons of plaster molds and play Ceramics Artist again.  YAY!