I moved AGAIN!!!!

Nov 20 2014

New Studio Re-flooring Project

Little wonder that I can never get any work done.  I have moved studios AGAIN — the third studio in three years!!!  If you have any idea about ceramics this is a monumental task.  Each box of clay alone is fifty pounds!

So, the story goes like this, I was in a studio.  I moved into the Berkeley Potters Guild to share a friend’s large studio who was out with a toddler and not working much.  She came back to work so I moved into the studio that was being vacated across the hallway.  That studio turned out to be much smaller than I thought mainly because I have a lot of equipment and do a lot of production.  My friend with the toddler all of a sudden decided to move out of Northern California, so I moved back into that space but now I get the WHOLE SPACE to myself and it is HUGE!!!

Since this *I SWEAR* is my forever home, we decided to paint the ceilings, paint the walls, rip up the old vinyl flooring (including handpulling up about 500 staples), patched the wood floor and painted the floor!

Oh and did I mention this is one month before the holiday sales and season kicks off.  UGH!  Needless to say I am about three weeks behind in production due to the move.

So, I’m still at the Berkeley Potters Guild  in a super studio — still on the second floor — but with amazing light and a wall of windows.  In addition, I get storage downstairs — woo hoo.  No more schlepping my tent and tables for shows up a flight of stairs.  Phew!