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    Saying goodbye is the hardest part…

    I have to learn to say goodbye and everytime I do I sing that excellent Cole Porter song significantly titled “Everytime We Say Goodbye”.  I’m much happier when I say goodbye to my ceramic pieces that go to live in people’s houses.  They can bring happiness and joy to their new owner eating breakfast out… READ MORE  

  • Baby Steps

    Baby steps to the door.  Baby steps down the stairs.  C’mon who doesn’t love the movie, “What About Bob”???  I am attempting to channel this sage advice with this new year.  The year of change — 2012.  They say the world is going to end this year, but in my life and for those around… READ MORE  

  • OK Ezme Friends!! The last show of the year!!!

    My last show of the year is tomorrow night and it’s going to be an awesome party!!!  Bazaar Bizarre is hosting Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences.  Music, cocktails, animals, science and art for last minute holiday shopping???!!!  I think this place may be my heaven on earth hahahah!  6-10pm Thursday night.  Be there!… READ MORE  

  • The Crucible Holiday Show!

    Show this weekend at The Crucible! Can’t stop glazing fast enough — Details here xoxox Ezme Crucible Holiday Show

  • 2011’s Holiday Bazaar Bizarre!

    I can’t wait for the main holiday show season to kick off with a show I adore!  The Bazaar Bizarre will be held this weekend at the Concourse in SF Dec 3 and 4 from 11am-6pm.  Bazaar Bizarre

  • Buy Handmade in Petaluma this Sunday!!!

    Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday and come to Green Sunday — Buy Handmade!!!  I will be selling tomorrow in lovely Petaluma at the Holiday Crafterino!  Who could miss a special visit from Elfis?!  Nov 20 from 10am-4pm. Holiday Crafterino

  • The craziness begins…

    It’s that time of year when the big blur begins and the craziness of the holiday season and shows begin.   I have a show this Sunday and next Sunday!  This Sunday, October 6th, is the Rockridge Out and About.  Details here: Rockridge.  The Sunday after this on October 16th is the East Bay Mini… READ MORE