East Bay Open Studios June 4/5, 11/12 at The Berkeley Potters Guild

May 24 2022

The Berkeley Potters Guild is excited to be participating in East Bay Open Studios on Saturday and Sunday, June 4/5 and 11/12 from 11am-5pm. I still have seconds leftover from the seconds sale in early May, and sadly I actually have new seconds to add to the mix. I had a horrifically bad firing that I just unloaded and was only grateful that the sale is still going. Sigh. Ceramics.

Hopefully, there will be some new firsts too. We are in the process of gathering some newer pieces together in order to have them for photography purposes. I have been playing with this super speckled clay and have had varying degrees of luck with it. I am excited to be doing testing of this new to me clay body, but also am hitting a lot of walls of frustration. The main conundrum is the clay itself is very active so my designs on the clay are coming across too busy. Back to the drawing board – literally!

Anyway, hopefully I can see you at the EBOS show. I will be working as the cashier on 2-5pm on Sunday, June 12th, so if you are around, please say hi, I would love to see you!!