Happy Belated New Year!!!

Feb 6 2019

How can it possibly be February already??!!!  ACK! Usually, January is the month when I clean my studio, come up with new products, make new molds that have gotten too overused (they seriously get white fur on them when they are old – it’s a thing I swear), and I do a lot of my bookkeeping catch up, pay business and sales tax and hopefully start thinking about doing my federal taxes.

Well I have actually done all of that but I still feel like I haven’t gotten anything done. I guess the reason why is that things are more leisurely accomplished in January. I get to stay home more. Working from home means more time snuggling with kitties and hanging out with Christopher. The bad thing is that tasks aren’t so obviously completed and with my day not as structured,  I feel like I never get anything done.

I definitely feel like I don’t work hard enough or accomplish as much as I have planned on my list that’s you know *only* 60 tasks long.

On top of all of this, Chris and I are taking a bunch of online classes which is great for the learning but also soak up a lot of time.

I always gauge a successful work day on the number of ceramic pieces I have made in a day. I think the hard part of being an independent business owner wearing so many hats is that in order to have my business succeed, I have to do a WHOLE bunch of stuff that doesn’t directly have any value like a finished ceramic piece. I have to remind myself they are all things I have to do — kicking and screaming usually — to keep the business rolling forward and becoming more successful.

So, I’m trying while also chomping at the bit to have a clean house, clean mind and clean business which will allow me to delve into my happy place world of making ceramics!

Hope everyone is easing into 2019 well and hitting their stride. I should be right behind you soon! xo ezme