“Blossom” Show opens April 6th with Reception on the 14th

Apr 5 2019

Come check out my new pieces! Three hand built porcelain vases with handmade porcelain flowers. Each vase ties into poems written by poet, Maw Shein Win. The pic at the bottom is how they look installed with the poems behind them.

Chanda S. Beck / Maw Shein Win
April 6th- May 4th

Sara Lisch Cedar Street Gallery

April 14th 4pm-6pm

Location: Corner of Shattuck and Cedar, Berkeley Ca.


In celebration of National Poetry Month Maw Shein Win has written poetic responses to Chanda S.Beck’s porcelain vases and sculpted flowers.

Blossom is a tribute to artists and poets in conversation.


Poems by Maw Shein Win

blossom (one)

we sit around
the table, drink ginger

tea in cracked cups
aster & wild hyacinth

sunlight on steps
blooms in porcelain vase

hummingbird flight

blossom (two)

flecks of gold light
waxy crescent moon

reflects glaze
delphinium, star lily

to mark the now
now we pour water

into shared vessels

blossom (three)

filament & anther
honey ants on corolla

petals loosen, land
on blue linen

we dip olive bread in oil
inhale scent

of lilac