Baby Steps

Jan 31 2012

Baby steps to the door.  Baby steps down the stairs.  C’mon who doesn’t love the movie, “What About Bob”???  I am attempting to channel this sage advice with this new year.  The year of change — 2012.  They say the world is going to end this year, but in my life and for those around me, I’ve seen 2012 so far as the year of change.  So, yeah, the world is ending, but it also seems to be beginning again in new and different ways.

But, I digress.  Baby steps writing the blog.

Yep.  A blog.  That’s one change, but it is completely overshadowed by the big change — el numero uno — I have moved my ceramics studio into the Berkeley Potters Guild and I have a window.  And I have a new struggle not to spend all day staring out said window.  And I haven’t made a single piece of ceramic work in the whole month of January and having had a pretty darn lucrative holiday season (thank you Ezme fans), I am low on stock and I don’t even have my boxes unpacked or my new shelves set up.  So, deep breath — Baby steps.

Berkeley Potters Guild Studio!

I also am opening up a “real” Etsy shop — one with more than three products that I update more than once every three months.  And Chris is working on my new website with work that is more current than the four year old work represented through my current site — much of which I no longer create…

I got a new logo; I got new business cards; Chris is taking professional photographs of my work.  Baby steps…

Because one thing my friends and family know about me is I have only a few states of being.  Number one, I always say I’m stressed out, overwhelmed, flubbergated.  Number two, I alternate between whining about being hungry and then being so stuffed that,  “Owie, my tummy hurts”.  And what this did to me in November was give me strep throat twice, the flu, a cold and laryngitis.  With the studio move, I got strep throat again and now have horrible tummy aches.

And so to this I say  — Baby Steps!  I am human.  I can only do one thing at a time (or should do anyway).  I am going to write a three page list of things I have to do and I am going to look at one thing and one thing only and do it.  I will not do all three pages at once either physically or mentally.  Because in my year of change, I am tired of being overwhelmed and stressed out.  I am literally sick.  And so in my brand new blog, on my first post, I will at least state my intention because I am hoping that at least by stating this new intention and it being out there in the world, maybe I can baby step to the couch to read a magazine and relax.  I can always unpack my boxes tomorrow…

Happy New Year!