ezme design's charlie teacup

To the Motherland!

Aug 16 2012

Woo hoo!  I got my first International order from Etsy and the first lesson I learned is that I didn’t charge enough for shipping – D’oh!  But the most exciting bit is that it is my little cup named Charlie and he is moving to Australia — ie the motherland for me.

I feel so honored that my first international order is in Australia as my Mom was born in Australia and starting from the age of 5 years old, we would go visit Nana every two years til I was in my early twenties and with diminishing frequency after that.  Of course, it was amazing but also similar to flying to Minnesota or Iowa to visit Granny as I spent a lot of time in old people’s houses albeit drinking tea and eating bickies (cookies).  We did always sneak away to do some sightseeing and I have such a fondness for the land Down Under that it truly is a second or third home to me.

So, we were delivered a tough blow in February this year when my Nana passed away shy of her 92nd birthday.  Not only would I never get to see Nana again but my excuse to visit Australia was taken away and I started to feel like maybe I would never get to go again.  So, it is with great happiness and wistful nostalgia that I ship Charlie away to bridge the gap in my heart to the motherland…  Bon Voyage Charlie!

ezme design's charlie teacup