ShopTiny Virtual Event this weekend!!! April 24-26

Apr 22 2020

Happy Spring??
It’s still one of my favorite times of years when the flowers are blooming, plants are beaming and the sun is shining, but like you I’ve had anxiety, depression and financial uncertainty.

However, it just goes to show when we think we control everything, Momma Earth has a nasty habit of proving us wrong in a very extreme way (because really — it’s the only time we ever listen).

And so during these dark times I have a lot of hope. Hope that we reassess what is most important to us — family, free time, clean air, nature rebounding, community and of course toilet paper.

My Spring and Summer shows have all been postponed to who knows when, so I was excited to be invited to participate in the ShopTiny event hosted by SFEtsy this Friday-Sunday, April 24-26. This event features an all day webinar all three days (no software required just click here) . In it, you will see featured sellers like myself, giveaways, cocktail making tips and even a video on how to manicure your own nails.

I will have a time slot where a video I have shot will be shown and I will be in the chat room for any questions.

I am REALLY excited about my video as it is my very first one. It is a studio visit and overview of my work at The Berkeley Potters Guild.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you have been well, your family and friends have been well and all parties continue to be safe and healthy during these scary days.

Thank you for all of the essential workers risking their lives for minimum wage (or Bay Area poverty levels) and to the amazing hard-working health care workers. There’s an extra xo in there for all of you. xoxoxoxoxoxo ezme