New Store Alert!!

Oct 5 2016

I am so excited to say that my work is now carried in the Monterey Museum of Art’s Gift Shop!      On the same level of excitement, we hand delivered my order since it was rather large so we spent the night on Cannery Row and had a two day Monterey Bay Aquarium pass.  I was VERY excited because I have been wanting to see the “Tentacles” exhibit since it first opened, but we never had a great excuse to visit Monterey until now (Hello business write off!).

Anyway, it didn’t disappoint at ALL and I still love the jelly fish exhibit and the stinkin’ cute otters.  I felt very inspired artistically as well and of course vacation is always healing!  Anyway. if you are in Monterey check out my work here:  MOMA.Monterey Museum of Art


Bonus pic of brittle stars in the Monterey Bay Aquarium!  So inspiring and amazing!

Brittle Stars at the Monterey Bay Aquarium