New Home Page released today

Sep 24 2015

Blue Pinch / Prep BowlsChris, the computer programming genius, has put the final polishing touches on my new home page and today is the day — it lives!!!  We’ve been using my blog as the homepage for a while now and it’s nice to have a pretty new landing page for visiting the world of ezme!  I love, love, love the large ezme images in slideshow format and my favorite programming bit is where the menu text changes color based on the background color of the images so it is always readable.

I am so grateful someone in this family knows how to use a computer!  I’m such a luddite.  But hey!  I play in mud all day so I don’t need a fancy, technological mind.

Next up on our to do list is a gen-u-ine ezme web store.  Stay tuned!