“Dollar Store to Dinnerware” 2 day workshop at The Richmond Art Center

Jan 19 2021

I am also excited to announce my two day workshop at the Richmond Art Center called “Dollar Store to Dinnerware”. This is the first time I will have taught this exciting workshop. On the first day, I will show how you can purchase generic plastic forms from your local dollar store and turn them into plaster molds as hump/slump molds or as simple one part slipcasting molds. On the second day, I will show you how to use the molds in slab building and slipcasting and ways you can make the generic forms uniquely your own…

This is a demo only workshop and since it will be via Zoom, you do not need to be local to attend the workshop. It will be on March 20th and 21st from 10am-noon. Click the link to sign up!!!