Irish Inspiration

Apr 26 2016

I feel like I’ve been oddly quiet from the world and then I realized it was because I spent the majority of the month of April in Ireland!!!  It was AMAZING and as my family calls it — it was an ABC tour (Another Bloody Church/Cathedral/Castle).  I was really inspired by the history and nature wise the stacking of stones with plants busting through the seams.  My favorite was this image in an Irish cemetery — found by driving around the area and seeing a high cross in the distance!

High Cross Ireland


Tree of Life


The hole in the center of the stone was occupied by a bird who flew out as soon as we got close.  It was so much like a tree of life in this desolate and grey cemetery and was very visually inspiring.  As you know I love abstract depictions of nature so we’ll see what comes from this and other beautiful images from Ireland!!  Slainte!

Purple Flowers