Berkeley Potters Guild Annual Holiday Show and Open Studio

Nov 26 2016

This year, I am taking a new tactic and not doing any outside holiday shows.  I sort of needed a break from the stress and the schlepping but also I am pleased to say that I have expanded into many new shops and galleries!  I’ve just been too darn busy making work for them and for the annual holiday show at the Guild, so I haven’t had the time or wrist strength to make work for holiday shows too!

Anyway, the Berkeley Potters Guild located at 731 Jones St in Berkeley will be open 11am-5pm:





Our gallery theme this year is “Flora and Fauna” and while I do work in that theme regularly, I took it as an opportunity to stretch my work and have been playing with new clay bodies in new colors!  So, this tray and cup set will be in the gallery show.

I’m excited next year to continue playing in red and colored clay bodies and am looking forward to what may come next.

I hope everyone has a happy holidays full of art, laughter and love and that 2017 can bring us together into a state of awesomeness.  I try hard to think positively in my life and of course in my artwork.  I know some days it is near impossible and this year has been plenty full of heartbreak, tears and sadness.

In my art practice, I always hope my pieces bring joy and smiles into your daily life.  Beyond an obsession to create, this is why I make my ceramics.  I like to think of my pieces invading your cupboards and tables and bringing a smile, a memory of a happy time, a story to tell!

I thank everyone for their amazing support in buying local and handmade!  xo ezme