• ProArts Gallery East Bay Open Studios

    The Campfire Gals will be participating in the ProArts Gallery East Bay Open Studios.  I may have some Ezme work there as well but mainly it is an opportunity to see where the “magic” happens.  You can take a tour of our studio and see how we make our art come to life.  Please visit… READ MORE  

  • Maker’s Faire day one

    Thank you to everyone who came out to the Maker’s Faire!  It has already been a huge success and it is only day one!  There is still a chance to see Ezme stuff tomorrow from 10am-5pm.

  • Twas the night before the Maker Faire

    Twas the night before the Maker’s Faire and all through the house, Chris was running from computer to computer checking out my new home page with my new collage and new designs and I am running around photographing stuff that just came out of the kiln that I hope to sell tomorrow!  Hope to see… READ MORE  

  • First Bazaar Bizarre…

    The vendor list is up for the Bizarre Bazaar. Bizarre Bazaar. If you are local, come check it out on the weekend of May 19th and 20th. Maker’s Faire.

  • My FIRST show!!!

    Things are heating up here.  I just got into my first juried arts and crafts sale (and the first one I have ever applied too!  YAHOO!  They got two times as many applications as there were selling slots.  It will be May 19th and 20th at the Maker’s Faire Bizarre Bazaar in San Mateo.  More… READ MORE  

  • Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    I belong to a new arts group in Oakland called Wash, Rinse, Repeat made up of 9 fabulous female artist.  We already have shows slated for June and September and we also have a myspace page here.

  • We’re on MySpace!

    Ezme Designs and Chanda are now on myspace.  I am slowly but surely building it up.  The site is here.

  • Lamp bases!

    Now you can see what has been taking up all my time and why I haven’t launched the website of my own functional work yet! Check out this website: Dean Trimble.  Campfire Gals made all of the ceramicky bits for the lamp bases.  Phew!

  • Busy with Campfire Gals

    We have been sooooo busy with Campfire Gals that Ezme is sitting a bit on the back burner.  At CFG, we are now custom making fountains, lamp bases, vases, and plates for several different clients as well as giving private lessons and firing kiln load after kiln load of other people’s lovely art!

  • In answer to the question…

    The answer to the question.  Mikey Scott took the detail image of the pictures from the “F is for Free” show and Nick Larsen took the second picture.