Chloe Tumbler

The Chloe design is one of my more minimalistic, abstract designs with a large colored “sun” that fills both sides of the rim and minimalistic flower lines and seeds on the front.

The tumbler is great for glasses of water, wine, orange juice, cocktails or tea.  Please note that it is thin so it will be very hot when first filled with hot liquid; however, by the time you can drink your tea, it will be cool enough to touch.

I have seen the small sized tumbler used as a rinse cup or a toothbrush holder.

The small size holds roughly 8 ounces of liquid and the large size holds roughly 12 ounces of liquid.

Microwave and dishwasher safe; although with handmade pieces, it is better to hand wash. Pieces are handmade and may vary somewhat from the picture.


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