• Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    I belong to a new arts group in Oakland called Wash, Rinse, Repeat made up of 9 fabulous female artist.  We already have shows slated for June and September and we also have a myspace page here.

  • We’re on MySpace!

    Ezme Designs and Chanda are now on myspace.  I am slowly but surely building it up.  The site is here.

  • Lamp bases!

    Now you can see what has been taking up all my time and why I haven’t launched the website of my own functional work yet! Check out this website: Dean Trimble.  Campfire Gals made all of the ceramicky bits for the lamp bases.  Phew!

  • Busy with Campfire Gals

    We have been sooooo busy with Campfire Gals that Ezme is sitting a bit on the back burner.  At CFG, we are now custom making fountains, lamp bases, vases, and plates for several different clients as well as giving private lessons and firing kiln load after kiln load of other people’s lovely art!

  • In answer to the question…

    The answer to the question.  Mikey Scott took the detail image of the pictures from the “F is for Free” show and Nick Larsen took the second picture.   

  • New Sculpture alert!

    New Sculpture alert!  We have added two images from the “F is for Free, Eph is for Ephemera” show curated in Reno, NV at the Neverender Gallery by Nick Larsen.  The premise was a show of multiples where the work was all for free.  I made seed pods out of unfired clay and filled them… READ MORE  

  • Photography techniques

    Well Chris and I have been busy researching photography techniques and have purchased a new graduated background and grayscale card.  The photos are great and so we re-phootographed “Sid” in the New Works section and I daresay he looks splendid!

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to everyone! We had a fabulous time visiting my family in Sparks, Nevada and are rearing to go back to work again.