• Petaluma Holiday Crafterino Feature

    Holiday Crafterino

    We are thrilled to welcome back Ezme Designs to Holiday Crafterino! Ezme Designs operates from the Berkeley Potters Guild and focuses on making handmade ceramic items for yourself and your home.

  • San Francisco Bazaar Blog Feature

    San Francisco Bazaar Blog

    If I can bring that smile to their face every morning when they use their favorite coffee mug or a smile when they gift a bowl to their best friend, it makes all the heavy lifting, repetitive stress and clay dust worth it!

  • Host-It Notes Feature

    Host-It Notes: Enter the Bizarre

    Here the scalloped design elevates this simple bowl to showpiece status. And what better way to display it than on a pedestal? I adore this little stand!

  • SFGate Feature

    Holiday green and Readymade deals

    Across the room, packed between vendors of jewelry and other knickknacks, was ceramicist Chanda Beck of Ezme Designs, whose retro 1950s-style plates and bowls also caught Maniscalco’s eye and were added to his recycled paper shopping bag.

  • dwell feature

    Dwell on Design

    From Thomas Paul to Working Class Studio to French Bull, I could collect stacks of colorful, lightweight plates forever. Nevertheless, the side of me that believes in long-term investment would like to find some sturdier tableware with as much character as the plastic stuff. At ReadyMade’s holiday gift bazaar on December 5th, I found a…

  • Chronicle Books Blog

    Chronicle Books Blog

    No craft fair is complete without ceramics, and Ezme Designs represented the tradition well. Each piece seemed individually handmade, shaped, drawn on, and painted—often whimsical, and always totally unique.